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Video Marketing – essential for high SEO page rankings.



When people enjoy a video, they share it with their friends and colleagues via social media, so you reach more of the right kind of people. In other words, you generate more hot prospects

Search engines take social ‘signals’ into account – things like shares and likes – when deciding how popular and useful a website’s content is.

When a video is shared, the resulting increase in website traffic makes search engines sit up and take notice, which ultimately helps push your website up in the results pages

Web Video Production drives sales on-site too, providing a highly visual and attractive way to get your message across, improve your response rates and boost conversion rates. Different people respond to different ways of communicating. When you add video to your website, you capture the interest of people who respond best to visual communications

Video brings your website to life, helping to present your brand in its best light and giving you a useful edge over your competitors. Video Production for web can also be viewed on the very small screen via tablets and mobile phones, bringing your message within reach of an even bigger potential audience ‘on the go’

Video for website gives your products and services an extra dimension, enabling you to portray them more vividly and realistically from every angle, in all their real-life glory, and allowing demonstrations you could never achieve via conventional photography. As well as site visitors, website video drives more real, live human to your high street outlet or premises

Last but not least, video production for web content adds a vital human touch to online-only businesses that don’t have a high street or other real world presence

Even the smallest businesses are commissioning video production for web to promote themselves. And it needn’t cost a fortune. In fact it’s remarkably cost effective.

VIDEO HAS MOVED FROM A “NICE TO HAVE” TO “A MUST HAVE!” If a business is not doing video they are now behind the competition. Watching online video is now a mainstream activity and 55% of people watch everyday. Video promotion has proved to be 6 times more effective than words. Video brings websites to life. When people enjoy a video, they share it with their friends and colleagues. Consumers who view a Video are 192 times more likely to purchase than ones who didn’t.

SEO The chance of getting a Page One listing on Google increase by 53% if you have a video. A web video hosted on You Tube (the World’s second largest Search Engine) or your own website can dramatically increase your Google and SEO rankings and is more likely to feature on the Front Page of Google than a regular web link. Recent fundamental changes to the way search engines classify, rank and rate websites in the Search Results mean video is more important and powerful than ever.

Prices start from as little as £600 for a 1-2minute video shoot at one location, including music and editing.