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Client testimonials

"As a school and college for young people with complex learning disabilities, we knew that filming in such an environment was no easy task. However, KDH Creative were extremely conscientious and sensitive in their approach and we feel the finished videos they have produced really show that they understood the nature and 'feel' of our organisation. Our stunning promotional video has been exceptionally well received and has provided parents of those with learning disabilities a real insight into what our school and college can offer. We have no doubt that the presentation of our video on our website and social media channels has resulted in an increase in applications for student placements at St. John's."

Mark Hughes, CEO



“Finding a video company who’ll be patient, can smooth out all the hicups, find the right music and finally edit everything into one seamless professional film is just as scary as having to stand in front of the camera! But if Video Creative can make me look okay. Hey, anyone can do it! Many thanks for the relaxed enjoyable day.”

Terry Ross, Speed-Still



"KDH  Creative has made a great promotional web video about our Gallery! They are quick, efficient, creative and understand exactly what needs to be done, whatever your business is. It was a delight working with them and we now have a great marketing tool for the gallery. It is a lot more powerful than sending still images or text , it says it all and with this particular team, in a brilliant way. We posted the promotional website video to all our customers, the Press, our artists and many more and within a few days, our Facebook Page "likes" had tripled, as well as the number of customers passing through our door who did not know of us before! So truly, we think having a promotional web video made by KDH Creative is as important as having a website -both are essential tools to make your enterprise thrive! And one last thing, they are lovely people to work with so it makes the whole process very exciting and pleasant! "

Cathie Hubert, Ashdown Gallery co Founder



"Websites are heading towards promotional web video video rather than text, so with this in mind I approached KDH Creative. I know there are do it yourself programs available, but I wanted a friendly but professional feel to my video as this is what I believe I deliver. Video Creative understood perfectly what I wanted to convey and managed to put all that I do, together in 2 minutes. They had to put several things together but nothing was too much effort and they were quick and reliable. I felt at ease during the shoot and they seemed to know exactly what would work or not. I am really happy with the result and I have had lots of good feedback on my promotional website video. Looking forward to doing more....."

Amanda Edwards, (B.Ac, M.B.Ac.C)